"I Am Rebel Ruthless" —Isaiah Ali

Isaiah’s father did not support his love of cheerleading until he saw a video of Isaiah competing with Gymtyme Blink. That changed everything. Isaiah’s best advice to any cheerleader that is struggling is to “never give up on yourself.”

"I Am Rebel Ruthless" —Cortney Park

Cortney is a World Champion Athlete who loves cheerleading so much that she put her acting career on hold to commit 100% to her team. She attributes her success to her mom and believes that your team is your family and you can talk to them about anything.


Gabi is a World Champion Athlete who is genuine, focused and inspiring. With an immense love of cheerleading, she believes hard work overcomes all obstacles.


Sean loves cheerleading so much that he skipped out on a football practice to go to a cheer competition. Find out how his football coach reacted! 


Lala started cheering when she moved to a new school and decided to join the cheer team to make friends. She fell in love with cheer and that passion took her all the way to the Worlds’ stage in 2017 with the Top Gun Lady Jags.

“I Am Rebel Ruthless” – Adam Robinson

As do many male cheerleaders, Adam Robinson has experienced bullying. His message for all male cheerleaders struggling with bullying is to stay true to your heart and prove people wrong.

"I Am Rebel Ruthless" – Jamie Andries

Jamie is a World Champion Athlete who currently cheers at the University of Oklahoma. She encourages all young athletes to follow your dreams and believes there are no skill levels that are too hard to achieve.

“I Am Rebel Ruthless” – Mackenzie Sherburn

Mackenzie is a World Champion athlete who currently cheers at Navarro College. She encourages all athletes who may be struggling to remember your passion and to never give up. Our favorite quote from Mackenzie is “cheerleaders can inspire the whole world.”